Former star apprentice Malcolm Johnston and class clown jockey Chris Symonds doing their best to murder the Gotye classic Somebody That I Used To Know.

Makcolm was famous for riding one of the all time greats of Australian racing Kingston Town in the 1982 Melbourne Cup where he went for home just a little bit to early and ran an infamous second. Malcolm should have waited for the clock tower .

The Melbourne Cup is a 3200 metre handicasp race that stops the nation

Work from Anywhere



Businesses across the nation are rapidly discovering the effectiveness of working together. Team collaboration can be a vital part of productive business efforts nowadays. The issue is that sometimes employees can find it difficult to collaborate together. However, you can easily employ team collaboration techniques by making use of online meeting software. The breakthroughs in technology that are available to companies today can enhance the work your employees are doing.


Web conferencing and online meeting software help your workers to be able to brainstorm jointly even if your team members are all located within different states-or countries, for that matter. They’re able to collaborate in real time. Associates can brainstorm together to try to develop new ideas and methods to create the very best result they can.


Meetings can be more effective with online resources simply because team members can share docs and presentations with one another in real time. Desktop sharing is possible so that an individual can take the lead then pass it to a different team member. This encourages a lot more collaboration. Meetings can be more effective and targeted with everyone being able to view the exact same materials close up and on their very own screen where they are able to get a close look.

Project Planning. Including each person involved in the project in the planning stage is a wonderful way to promote full collaboration and investment. The team could plan each and every stage of the project and fine-tune the end product as needed. With full collaboration at each stage of the job, the end result will be a lot better than it ever could have been with only a preliminary meeting.


Team collaboration can only be built by way of contact. Relationships have to be established between team members. They have to get acquainted with one another. They should be able to develop a level of respect between themselves. This is the way true collaboration happens. Employees are still humans. Therefore, the human factor of collaboration cannot be forgotten about. Individuals should have a baseline of contact along with a grasp of who one another are in order to get started really collaborating together.

Team Building.

Though we typically consider team building exercises as a thing that we do in person, in the context of a large-scale meeting or seminar, it is something you can easily do by means of online meetings. In the digital era, many of us develop relationships with people they have never met by way of social networks. A number of people describe these interactions as pretty close. Thus, businesses shouldn’t ignore the power of online team development.

Team collaboration is often a lot easier by using online tools to help boost productivity. No longer do we expect employees to operate in isolation. We need them to come together to produce the very best products (blank) possible.

When  employees collaborate with one another everyone benefits. Your company enjoys higher productivity and better products. You enjoy higher profits. And your employees have a richer intellectual and professional experience.

These simple team collaboration techniques could easily change the way your group works on projects. Find out more useful suggestions.


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In June 2012 Margaret (Margie) Hansen came into our lives. At first I wasn't to sure what to expect but after a couple of months we were great friends.

Margie had wanted to race a horse or two with us  and when she came along Team Pepper as it is now affectionately known was born. My wife Sharon and I had had a boutique racing stable for some years.

When Margie was growing up women didn't really play a role in the horse racing industry in Australia. No female strappers, no female jockeys, no female trackwork riders and definitely no female trainers.

In August 2013 Margies dream of riding trackwork came true when she rode three year old filly Snippin Trish track work for the first time.

I couldn't believe how happy such a simple gesture could make someone  and as happiness is infectious  all of Team Pepper joined in the fun.

Snippin Trish has now raced twice for one third  and is well on her way.


Our little racing enterprise has grown to 5-6 friends who come and help out just for the fun of it but recently while we were away for a weekend in Sydney this is what happened to our horse truck



You can check out all the happenings at Team Pepper just by clicking the link.

How do we manage to race horses have more spare time than the average person? How do we manage to do whatever we want to do whenever we want to do it.


Click on the banner below and find out how we do it


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So many people go out and buy the big toys like Cars, Fancy Houses etc.  Mike chooses to buy awesome toys to help make building his business more fun!  Watch the video above to see this…

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e it a great day!

(Mark Pepper)




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